In the hustle and bustle of every day life it can be quite difficult to schedule in time for yourself. And I’m not talking time for extra appointments like hairdressers or an additional fitness class, I mean just simply time all by yourself away from your normal routine.

Taking time out from the norm will help develop a better relationship with yourself and therefore others. Our lives are so busy with work, family, phones, internet and planning its very rare that we actually withdraw and tune inward without distraction. If this sounds like you, read on for the benefits of going on a well deserved retreat.

Extra time

Basking in retreat atmosphere will free you from that unsettling feeling of ‘not enough hours in the day’. Surrendering to the calm of a retreat will give time for reflection on how we live our lives and what changes are required to better serve our true selves.

Deepen your practice

Going on retreat can be the perfect time to deepen your practice – whatever it may be. It gives you that opportunity for space to delve deeper into your true self. The challenge of relinquishing control of your normal daily life will strengthen your mind body and spirit.

Connect with other like minded people

The luxury of having time and space on a retreat gives the chance to bond with other souls who were attracted to the same place as you. If you are ready to make healthier more positive changes in your life, it’s helpful to surround yourself with others who are on a similar path. Connecting with new people or teachers will help keep you inspired and motivated on your journey.

Self Love

Taking time out for you is a huge act of self love. As difficult as it is to believe – you actually deserve a break, to relax, to retreat. Peace and happiness can only truly be found within and the more you spend nurturing this, the more everyone in your life will benefit.

Create a new daily routine

Going on a retreat is the perfect time to kickstart your new daily routine by exposing yourself to a variety of new activities and people. The wellness schedule on retreat will get the ball rolling for the new habits you wish to create once you get home.

About the Author

Julie Hyde RYT200

Julie is the Yoga teacher on the Satmya Retreats

Julie is a Hatha Yoga Teacher with YTTC Dublin and holds a Diploma in Restorative Yoga and Sports Yoga. Julie’s classes are designed to create space and strength within the body, focus the mind and provide greater vitality. read more here

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